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Expected School-Wide Learning Results

BCS provides a challenging, developmentally appropriate academic program to all students within the context of a Christian environment. We strive to see each child meet and exceed his or her potential as a learner and community participant. For complete student academic expectations, download our Expected School-Wide Learning Results.

BCS will prepare its students to be:

Committed Christians who:

* Understand the meaning and process of salvation and have been given the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ personally.

* Recognize God's love, will and authority in their lives.

* Look to God and His Word daily as the source of truth and answers.

* Have a daily prayer life.

* Fellowship and develop spiritual growth through active involvement in a local church.

Self-directed learners who:

* Take personal responsibility and exhibit self-discipline.

* Demonstarte consideration and accountability for their words and actions.

* Plan for the future by setting priorities and achievable personal and academic goals.

* Demonstarte organizational and time management skills.

* Apply problem-solving startegies to real life situations.

Effective communicators who:

* Read, write, speak and listen reflectively and critically.

* Research, document and express thoughts clearly.

* Respond appropriately to oral and written communication.

* Understand the need and value of working and playing together cooperatively and of resolving conflicts without adult intervention.

* Express and defend their faith in all situations.

Quality producers who:

* Complete tasks in responsible, timely fashion.

* Display a growing knowledge of curriculum.

* Develop their God-given talents and abilities.

* Develop, create, and appreciate the fine arts.

* Establish and use quality standards.

Generous Givers who:

* Model responsible citizenship with integrity, compassion, and Christian ethics.

* Sacrifice financially for those around the world in need.

* Contribute time, energy, and talents to improve the quality of life in their school and community.

* Are wise stewards of God’s blessings, both at home and school.

* Develop an increasing awareness and compassion for others, with an eye on service.

Bay Christian School is fully accredited with both WASC and ACSI.

Bay Christian School is fully accredited with both WASC (Western Association of Christian Schools) and ACSI (Association of Christian Schools). These institutions offer their stamp of approval to schools that show high levels of educational excellence in their programs. For more information on WASC and ACSI, visit their websites:

Our curriculum is drawn by the following publishers:

* Houghton Mifflin- Boston, MA

* ACSI- Colorado Springs, CO

* A Reason For Curriculum- Siloam Springs, AR

* Positive Action For Christ- Whitakers, NC

For a detailed curriculum guide for each grade, please click on the appropriate button below: