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Bay Christian School

Our Mission

The mission of Bay Christian School is to teach kids, love Jesus and care for others. As we focus on academic standards, we are careful to model and encourage a deep love for Christ in our students that will last a lifetime and be impactful for their lives and for generations to come. We also challenge our children to think beyond themselves by caring and giving to others who may be in need. In this way, we teach kids to love Jesus and care for others. The vision of BCS can be expressed in our School-wide Learning Results. We pray that each of our students will become:

  • Committed Christians

  • Self-Directed Learners

  • Effective Communicators

  • Quality Producers

  • Compassionate Givers

We want every child to know and understand that God loves and cares for them. To this end, we want every child that graduates from BCS to know:

  • Everyone can have a relationship with God by accepting Christ’s offer of forgiveness and salvation.

  • The Bible is the true and inspired Word of God. It is the handbook for life.

  • God is not just a part of our life, He IS our life.

  • We are able to talk to God like a friend.

  • There is judgment for those who reject Christ.

  • Jesus is God. He is our Savior and the way we get eternal life.

  • We are sanctified at salvation, but growing and becoming holy is a lifelong process.

Everything we do at BCS is based upon our faith in God and our purpose as a school. Please download our complete “Statement of Faith” and “Statement of Purpose” by clicking below:

Statement of Faith & Purpose



BCS is dedicated to providing a Christ-centered, developmentally appropriate education, in partnership with families in order to equip students who will impact their community for Christ.